FBN News and Short Films

Todd and all the fine folks at Twitchfilm.net gave the upcoming Frankenstein DVD a nice push when they did a very nice story on it along with including the disc in their list of upcoming releases. Cinephelia also ran a nice story as well and I’m really greatful for all the support.


Cinephelia has also allowed me to take an old 16mm short film of mine out of storage, the rather odd Pygmalion and Galatea which was shot nearly ten years ago. The windows media version at Cinephelia.com is available here but on further reflection of having the only version available be a compressed web version I decided “what the hell” and produced a full 150 mb DVD .ISO image which is available at this link (which I guess is now temporarily down). It’s only a short 3-minute film but if you find yourself enjoying the WMV you might check out the DVD which has both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS sound mixes (the film was meant to be mixed in 5.1 and even the WMV has a 5.1 track) along with an obviously-short commentary track I just recorded. The DVD is also interesting demo material because it has a lot of low-end, many strange panning effects and I encoded the DD at 448 kbps and the DTS at 1536 kbps so I think the DVD is a good showcase for what these audio codecs can (and can’t) do.