Stills and Stuff

One of the important things I wanted to accomplish while making FBN was to shoot all the stills on 35mm film because I thought I would match the kind of gritty, DIY ethic that I had tried to set up when I went for Super-8 as the primary format, and in spite of having to use video framegrabs for a number of shots I did manage to get some okay 35 stills such as that shot of Amy with the knife above my head. At first, since I was shooting Super-8 kodachrome I thought I would shoot the stills on 35mm kodachrome slide film but I figured if I wanted those saturated colors I’d just amp them up in photoshop. Still, I kept looking for a cheap and available 35mm negative still film with some interesting color. After going through a few films with some rather unhappy results I found Kodak Ultra Color 400UC, a nice and fast stock with some very decent colors. The shot I mentioned before with me and the knife was taken with 400UC I think it really captured the grass and the knife relatively well. I really wanted to mess around with the interesting color rendition I’ve seen with Fuji Velvia 100 or 50 ASA film but I either never found any or it was too expensive.