DVD Reviews and Other News

Here’s another review of the film courtesy of Movies Made Me Do It. Nice choice of stills as well.

In online retailer news, a bunch of new European companies are carrying the Unearthed release. Even Asian Cult Cinema has a product listing with some screenshots. I also noticed Absurd-Online.dk is carrying FBN for 149,00 DKK, so there you go. The page also reports that the DVD weighs 200 grams, so there you go as well. There you go.

Also, someone just told me that Kim’s Video in NY is renting the new FBN DVD. Apparently they were also selling the DVD but it’s out of stock! Well, out of stock at Kim’s at least, not everywhere in general. So there you go yet again. If anyone else sees it on a videostore shelf I’d be interested to hear about it.