May Days

Of course, the big thing happening for me this month is the release of Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare on DVD from Unearthed Films on May 22. As I’ve noted before, the DVD includes the full version of the film presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and it also includes a commentary track, a very short “making of” segment along with some trailers and stills. A nice little package I think. I’m really happy with all the work that I’ve seen Unearthed put into the release and it’s available for pre-order from Amazon, Deep Discount DVD along with the other usual online suspects. It’ll probably also show up on a few shelves at various retailers who are brave enough to stock it without fear of the DVD either biting or causing the DVDs around it to melt. FBN don’t play nice. In any case, I’m sure if you pick it up it’ll make a nice addition to your weirdo film collection.