New News and Youtube

I notice that just posted a story about the upcoming FBN DVD relese, so that’s nice. They also posted a link to the windows media file of Pygmalion and Galatea. I’ve also decide to put Pygmalion on Youtube for everyone to enjoy.

I think it’s a shame that Youtube can’t appear to (presently) encode audio in stereo. Pygmalion is in 5.1 but at least stereo makes it sounds a little more eerie. One of the big things I never hear about on the internet is the audio quality; it’s all about framesize this, proper bitrate that and for some reason I always find myself reading this stuff and thinking “what about the sound, what about the sound, WHAT ABOUT THE SOUND!” I’m not a purist by any means. I love mp3 and compressed audio but come on, I’m not happy with a mono track which could very well sound like some 16mm optical track from 1971. Perhaps the optical track might have even more bandwidth and quality without the digital compression artifacts. we’ve got to get multi-channel audio going on the web. I guess I should save this gigantic rant about audio for another time, however.

Someone also alerted me to the fact that FBN is finally available for pre-order at Deep Discount DVD for $12, which I believe is the lowest online price.