A Month of Love

February is a fun month, the month of good ole’ St. Valentine’s day and, oddly enough, my birthday falls on this very same day. I’ve always had these feeling that our lives are governed by these odd forces beyond our control – names, labels, dates – and I can’t help but think that being born on this state-sponsored love holiday was a rather interesting quirk of fate. In any case, go find someone you love and stab them in the heart for me.

I just posted a very slightly-updated version of the JRHFilms.com website with links to all the important FBN-related online movie areas, the DVD Cover Art and Press info (pre-order info coming soon!) and, of course, what website would be complete with the ubiquitous “About” page which just simply says “coming soon.” My big hope is that JRHFilms.com becomes a kind of virtual hub for any project I’m involved in because organization was one of the big issue I had while making FBN and a nice centralized website/messageboard/mailing list thingie (all tied into bigger sites like myspace) would’ve cleared up many of these issues.