Random Stills, Random Thoughts

I don’t know if I should really do this, but I just felt like picking out some screenshots from the image gallery on the main FBN website:

I like this shot; perhaps it’s a tad blown-out and misframed by given that I was working with a super-8 camera which had 25-year-old auto-iris technology and I just kind of randomly oriented myself in the frame I think it turned out relatively well. The thing is that no one was behind that camera; I turned it on, ran in front of it and just performed in front of it. That’s a very embarrassing thing for me to admit. I’m slightly tall, so I try to make sure that I don’t cut my head off when I do these sorts of shoots, but of course my head is slumping in this particular still given what happened the scene before.

JPEG compression wasn’t very nice to this fellow here, but you get the picture. I think the digital flare in the upper-left corner lays in nicely given all the grain. If you get the dvd you might also notice that lighting continuity is probably slightly screwed up here because I’m constantly just turning my body around and shooting from any angle where I can catch the sun, but if you this type of thing with a very generic background the audience really can’t keep shadow continuity. Sometimes I think people get a bit too uptight about shadow continuity, actually.