Unearthed Films Newsletter

Unearthed Films Newsletter #16

Greetings Gorehounds and Gals,

Well, the dvd’s have been churning out onto the streets of the United States and I am happy to say, they have been flowing with blood ever since. Cannibal has been making quite the noise since it’s release and I am happy to say, more reviews and fans have been coming out of the woodwork and stating that it is the grossest film they have ever seen!

That is, until they get to see the Red Room! We just released this baby and it is making it’s way to you. If you haven’t found a copy, which I do know, it’s a little hard to find our product now a days. You can always pick it up from our website www.Unearthedfilms.com

We just dropped the prices on ALL of our library titles

The Red Room is a hard-core, in your face disgust-a-thon that should leave a bad taste in your mouth. If not, your now a part of the gore connoisseurs and I wish you luck, in finding horror films that make you squirm. I guess to be frank with you, if you get our newsletter and know who we are, you already a part of the elite. A member of the shock troops of the mind, your unrepentant gorehounds who must see and get your taste for blood without killing anyone. Congratulations! You have my heartfelt thanks in letting your demons out, in a controlled way. Otherwise, the murder toll in America would jump up over 300%

So let me give you the lowdown on the Red Room.

So, what would you do for a million dollars? Are you desperate enough to enter the RED ROOM? In this latest and most vicious game show to emerge from the Japanese underground, four contestants (two men and two women_ are locked in the Red Room to draw cards in the “King Game”. Whichever player draws the King card gets to select one of the other contestants to enter a cage where one performs the most outrageous acts upon his unlucky victim.

The Game is played to the death! Survivor takes all, and the losers go home in body bags.

Yeah, I’m in a mood! So… A lot of our dvd’s have been getting the thumbs up from the fans but the thumbs down from the retailers. I saw this coming as the major retailers put the mom pops out of business and now they are going for the more mainstream titles that they want to shove down your throat. Sort of sucks to be a gorehound now, everything is becoming available but without mainstream help, the cool gore product will slowly become harder to find. I guess it might be for the best if I can get a lot of you to buy directly from us.

Lethal Force is doing well, everyone who seen it, loves it so go down to Hollywood Video and rent it or steal it or buy it from somewhere. Frankenhooker is now becoming a bigger hit then it was when it was first released. Making a lot of Top Ten lists for 2006 and rave reviews over the dvd itself. Yeah, we did some work on it to say the least but we received some major help from Frank Hennenlotter, Patty Mullen, Gabe Bartalos, Jennifer Delora… Frank is busy working on his upcoming film, Bad Biology and I do have to say, it looks outrageous. Can’t tell you anything about this, trade secrets you know.

Andrey Iskanov’s Nails and Visions of Suffering is expanding the consciousness of those who witness the atrocity of his films. Find em and kill for them! Brian Paulin’s Bonsickness is still rising up the charts into indie gore cult status and Frank Sudol’s City of Rott is just plain fun!

On another note, Rock & Rule has now become a MAJOR cult phenom and copies of the two disc limited edition are selling for over 300 bucks. I guess a lot of people thought we bit the dust so copies aren’t available anymore BUT THEY ARE! So find you one and stick it on ebay and make lots of cash. The same with Aftermath, Aftermath’s OOP price is $50.00, it’s not out of print but a lot of people think it is so pick this up before we get into Salo 120 days in Sodom pricing which was 800 bucks a shot.

John Hand’s Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare is almost ready and we are looking at an early April release. This strange giallo type is a throw back to the early 70’s underground film making style where twisted visuals and odd perceptions with your horror was the norm and I am thrilled to release it. Then we are onto This Hallow Sacrament based on true events and shot by up and coming director Greg Stechman. Afterwards, we managed to get our hands on the lesbian vampire thriller Carmilla The Lesbian Vampire. This is the uncut version of course. We have to have all the blood and all the boobs intact to have a proper lesbian vampire flick. Working hard on Das Komabrutelle Duell, Hunting Creatures and Ostermontag. Trying to find good elements for Violent Shit but it doesn’t look good. Will keep you informed on this.

I just got more of the dailies from Andrey for Philosophy of a Knife and I do have to say, your in for a treat. This will be our first film in conjuncture with Andrey and it’s going to blow everyone away. I do have to say, it is THE HARSHEST FLM I HAVE EVER SEEN! So stay tuned, this will become an event when it’s finally released. Hopefully, we can get it into the film festival circuit and blow some minds. If you run a festival or are connected in any way, send us an email. Also, we have many films that you can show so contact us and lets get the ball rolling to bring newbies into the fold. So that’s about it, just wanted to give you a brief update on Unearthed and pimp our site once more. If your having a hard time finding our stuff, get right from the website. WWW.UNEARTHEDFILMS.COM

Stephen Biro
Head PoBaa of Unearthed Films