A Bloody New Year

It appears as if I totally flipped-out and haven’t posted here in some time. I think it was just the strain and slight depression of the holidays combined with my need to finish this new screenplay. Well the script is done and I hope in this new year I can work toward turning these pages into sound and pictures.

In any case, I hope everyone had a nice and cheery holiday with no shouting or food-throwing. Before the year was out, Pioneer Theater found itself on the NY Sun’s “Best Obscure Places” of 2006. Grady Hendrix writes that Movies like “Automatons,” “Blood Tea and Red String,” “Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare,” “Puzzlehead,” and “Mad Cowgirl” aren’t strong enough to get on this list by themselves, but seen onscreen at the Pioneer Two Boots, these iconoclastic, Hollywood-proof visions are living proof that New York City still rocks.

It also seems as if two very positive reviews for FBN have shown up on it’s IMDB listing.