Screenings in Washington and Atlanta Today

Here’s a myspace bulletin I wrote about FBN a few days ago:

Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare will be screening on this Sunday, October 29 at:

Atlanta Horror Fest
4:00 pm – Atlanta, GA

Spooky Movie Film Festival
10:00 am – Fairfax, VA

This is probably the part of the message where I should talk about how this movie is the most violent and crazy film ever made, how it was banned in 20 countries and how this movie is probably so mean and scary that if it were a physical person it would kick you in the nuts and steal your lunch money. That is not my movie so I’m not going to lie to you; a mistake, possibly – I don’t think anyone ever got poor by undersestimating an audience’s intelligence.

So what is Frankensteins Bloody Nighmare? It’s something that doesn’t fit into a soundbyte. I think it’s for people who like to keep their Peter Greenaway and Kenneth Anger VHS tapes next to their Retromedia DVD of The Alien Dead. It’s for a kind of esoteric crowd that isn’t afraid of a film that flirts with insanity, boredom and a purely visual narrative. It’s for that one percent that doesn’t complain about style over substance because they realize that style CAN BE the substance; it’s the same one percent that might notice the weird little Marshall McCluhan references I threw in there along with the billion other references that last all of two or three frames, barely registering on the audience’s radar. It’s a film that I’ve seen annoy, confuse and put people to sleep, but rarely have I seen anyone walk out on it; it just plants one to the seat for one reason or another. Maybe if you’re a little stoned the cosmic sensibility of it might appeal to you, though I’m not really an advocate of drug use. The film is enough of a drug for me.

I’m not sure if it’s a movie for your happy-go-lucky Halloween crowd or maybe even for the myspace crowd, but if anyone wants to catch something totally weird in between the gory stuff and you live near Atlanta or Washington, you might want to check my film out. And I very much like the gory stuff too, but when I make films things just come out…weird, I guess.

Also, check it out when it hits dvd next year from Unearthed Films.