Director John R. Hand Interview

I guess it also might be a swell idea to post the article that Independent News did on my film (archived backup version) a few weeks before the local premiere of FBN. You know to me, I find publicity to be a kind of double-edged sword in the sense that I like talking about my film and I like read about others who share their experiences making their own films but in another way there’s something about this total “opening up” in a sense which kind feels wrong to me sometimes, especially when you’re trying to make a film like I am that kind of exists within it’s own strange little world. To me, once you start going “oh yeah, we made that this way and we did this such and such…” it’s kind of demystifying the whole thing in a way. I’ve never really refused to talk about the film because I just don’t think that’s very polite and often when you’re making such a low-budget film as mine essentially by yourself this whole whirlwind of promotional nonsense is kind of thrust upon your very person, so if you don’t stand up for your film who really will? I’m still a big fan of promotional nonsense but I’ve also gained a certain amount of sympathy and respect for people who are little hesistant to divulge behind-the-scenes information because I’ve become slightly hesitant myself. Also there’s that big gigantic issue of talking about a film’s “meaning” which in the case of FBN is a very present matter because, well, it’s a film that’s very open to interpretation in many ways.