2013, HD / VHS, 74 Minutes

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A young woman filled with anxiety and paranoia escapes into herself and creates a fantasy world involving ancient aliens who control the human race through the’Synthetic Man,’ a figure shrouded in mystery who may hold the key to the woman’s tangled past.


The Synthetic Man began production in early 2010. Production continued throughout the next three years as ideas were continually refined. The film was finally completed in 2013. In order to convey alternating states of reality within the story, both high definition video and consumer VHS cameras were utilized during the production for their own unique textural qualities.

The Synthetic Man is the third feature project from filmmaker John R. Hand, whose earlier works Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare and Scars of Youthgarnered underground success. Together, they form a kind of loose "interior trilogy" of stories focused on marginal characters who externalize their inner emotions into dangerous and fantastic new worlds.