Behind The Scenes Of “Night Claws”

I just posted some behind-the-scenes clips and interviews that I shot last month on the Alabama location of David A Prior’s bigfoot movie Night Claws. I want to thank Tara Kleinpeter, Alissa Koenig, David Campbell, Reb Brown and Mr. Prior for letting us get a look at the making of this groovy little movie. It looks like it’s going to be very cool; most low-budget horror these days comes off like weak Syfy TV movie but this one is going for a retro vibe full of genre veterans and physical effects. There was even this big embargo on showing the monster, hence it’s notable absence. “Don’t take pictures of the monster” – it felt like Fangoria 1988 all over again, wonderful.

The behind-the-scenes clip also features some spooky electronic music courtesy of User Assumes Risk.