"A riveting look at one of the most prolific yet least understood serial killers in american history, 'JOEL' is thoroughly researched and brilliantly acted."
- Morbidly Beautiful

JRH Films was formed with the goal producing work with a unique style which incorporate elements of both conventional narrative, experimental cinema and documentary form into bold new works.

Our debut feature-length film, photographed in Super-8, Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare, garnered a peculiar degree of underground acclaim for it's annoying combination of surrealist logic and vintage horror set-pieces. Joe Leydon wrote in Variety that the film "...plumbs the lower depths of awfulness to a degree unmatched by pictures merely inept and/or pretentious" and could "become a cult item by dint of its befuddling cruddiness." Our follow-up film was the enigmatic post-apocalyptic fairy tale Scars of Youth. Our recent films include the eurocult-inspired vampire movie Forest of the Vampire and the true crime film based on serial killer Joel Rifkin, JOEL.

We also co-produced the documentary Like Father, Like Son which tells the story famed entertainer and cult movie director Duke Mitchell through the perspective of his son Jeffrey Mitchell. We've also helped to produce the long-running creature feature program "Nightmare Theatre," whose host segments have been seen on public television stations across the country.